snapizzi Adds New Tools for Event & Portrait Photographers

Online photo site snapizzi announced that it has added an array of new web tools and print products that improve the photographer’s workbench and make photo sales and management easier than ever before.

With its innovative tagging technology and interactive website, snapizzi enables photographers of all skill levels to capture, manage and sell their photos online. 

The photo site recently added a suite of high-quality print products that includes a variety of formats (matte, gloss, lustre) as well as a wide choice of print sizes (from wallet to 20”x30”).  snapizzi also added a convenient FTP uploader that allows high-volume photographers to upload hundreds of photos at a time – up to 4 GBs worth, since most photographers use 4-GB memory cards.  Photographers using snapizzi can now upload an entire memory card at once.  In addition, the website’s new, simplified user interface makes it quick and easy for photographers to work online.

The company’s innovative service is made possible through its patent-pending IZ tag, a digital barcode and tagging technology that automatically captures and manages photos for sale.  IZ tags empower event and portrait photographers of all skill levels to sell their photography with no upfront fees or fixed costs to the photographer and no time-consuming manual processes.  Photo customers just visit the website and enter the number beneath the IZ tag to automatically retrieve and buy their photos.

“Whether you’re taking class photos of middle-school students or photographing marathon runners, snapizzi simplifies your digital workflow by giving you the power to manage, sell and print your photos all in one place,” says snapizzi CEO Jesper Sondergaard, a veteran of Photodisc, Getty Images and Corbis.  “snapizzi is all about people-powered pictures.  We make it easy for photographers to sell their photos online.”