Smith-Victor Black Diamond Carbon Fiber Tripods, Monopods and Ball Heads

Smith-Victor introduces the new Black Diamond Series of carbon fiber tripods, monopods and heads that complement the existing line of Smith-Victor aluminum tripods.

Carbon Fiber Tripods
The tripods are available in three sizes with maximum heights of 54 inches, 59.5 inches and 65 inches. The units weigh in at an ultra light 2 lbs., 2.5 lbs. and 3.5 lbs.

The four section carbon fiber legs will not twist, and can be unfolded to angles of 24 degrees, 55 degrees and 80 degrees. The minimum height on all three tripods is 20" or less. These lightweight camera supports are also less prone to vibration than their aluminum counterparts.

Smith-Victor Black Diamond Series tripods feature user-friendly amenities like a column hook for adding weight to increase stability. There are high-density foam grips on the upper leg sections. The rubber feet feature retractable spikes for greater stability outdoors. The rapid slide column is secured by a twist lock winged collar. A convenient carrying strap is included along with a tool kit. The new tripods have a heavy duty 3/8 inch mounting adapter that accepts Black Diamond ball and three-way heads.

Carbon Fiber Monopods
Smith-Victor Black Diamond Series carbon fiber monopods offer the ideal solution for situations where conventional tripods are not practical. These new monopods are the logical choice for photographers who need a camera support that sets up fast, provides great strength, reliability and light weight.

Black Diamond Series monopods are available with maximum heights of 57 inches and 67 inches. The four section leg collapses to minimum height of 18.5 inches and 21.5 inches respectively. Both new Smith-Victor carbon fiber monopods feature high-density foam grips, dust resistant twist-lock leg design, and rubber feet for stability both indoors and out. Each monopod has a heavy duty 3/8 inch mounting adapter to fit all Black Diamond Series ball heads.

Ball Heads
Smith-Victor Black Diamond Series ball heads are the perfect camera platforms for Black Diamond Series tripods and monopods. The finely crafted heads are precision machined to provide years of reliable service. The three separate models have maximum load capacities of 17.5 lbs., 26.5 lbs. and 39.5 lbs. The ball will tilt to 90 degrees. All Black Diamond Series heads provide 360 degree panning in precise 5 degree increments. The lock and drag controls are separate so the head can be locked and unlocked without affecting the drag. The quick release plate can be removed with just the push of a button. When the heads are used with Black Diamond Series tripods, a setscrew security system prevents the ball heads from twisting and damaging the tripod mounting threads.

Black Diamond Series tripods and ball heads are available separately, and as tripod/ball head combination kits. For more information see your Smith-Victor dealer or email