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Trish McCoy's website has a light airy look that echoes the naturalistic style she calls "photojournalistic" but that doesn't begin to capture the sensitivity and care that goes into her color and monochrome children's portraits. She has collected them in cleverly designed galleries with names such as "Children," "Wee Little Ones," and "Family," but it's all about kids and nobody does it better than McCoy. Her style is snapshot-based with all of the positive connotations and none of the negatives of that term.

This is what people think of as "snapshots" but these kinds of portraits are only possible with skill, talent, patience, and an ability to relate to her tiny subjects. And I mean tiny. In "Wee Little Ones" McCoy's photographs of newborns and babies approach the level of fine art and baby, that ain't easy with little kids. It is far, far easier to plop a kid down in front of a painted background and hand them a stuffed animal but there is not a parent or grandparent in the world that would not prefer portraits of "their kids" the way McCoy does it. Her "Family" gallery contains kids with their siblings and extended family members rather than what is traditionally thought of as a family portrait because to kids, their friends are just as important; because of McCoy's artistry these carefully crafted photographs will be treasured for years to come. McCoy's portraits are sensitive, caring, and full of love and show the depth of personality of each of her tiny subjects, and that's no small feat no matter how you spell it.

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Atlanta's Noelle McIlwaine is a maternity, newborn, baby, and children photographer who likes to work with natural lighting on location. Her homepage gives two choices: Click on the Flash-based website photo or visit her blog. The five galleries emphasize her specialties while the fourth, "Color Wash," shows images that mix monochrome with a splash of color that's all the rage; with her portraits of kids it greatly adds to the cuteness factor. McIlwaine's maternity images combine warm, fuzzy family portraiture with the occasional touch of fashion. The monochrome images, especially those including the husband, are especially striking, although her bold signature copyright symbol does detract from all the images on the site.

Her "Little People" gallery doesn't include pictures of "little people" but instead you'll find portraits of young children, including babies. Here again, her strongest, most universal images are monochrome photographs that transcend the genre of "cute pictures of kids." The "Family" section shows traditional studio portraits of families with young children and the most successful ones are those that toss conventional portraiture out the window. "Big People" contains portraits of adults, although the occasional pet does sneak in. Don't forget to visit this gifted photographer's blog; when last I looked she was displaying an appealing series of "butterfly baby" portraits.

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