Sinar rePro RC (Remote Control)

The motorized Sinar rePro RC features increasedstability, built-in security, comfortable handling and optimum ease of operation. Specifically developed for the increasing requirements of digitization and archiving, the Sinar rePro RC provides an easy workflow with maximum accuracy – conveniently remote controlled. As a result, a large throughput of photographs can be achieved.

The use of all professional lenses is ensured, lateral shift eliminates reflections, and for mounting the camera on a stand you chose between front or rear standard. The high-quality stepper motor offers two speed levels whichcorrespond to a coarse and a fine focus adjustment, controlled via remote box or via USB with the Sinar CaptureFlow software.

The basis for the accurate image sharpness is the perfect flatness of the object to be captured and the parallel alignment of the camera. A further novelty provides valuable assistance: Sinar parallel is an excellent device for precise adjustment. The battery powered Sinar parallel is placed on the capturing table and its laser beam reflects from a mirror on the camera. Precise alignment of the camera is achieved when the laser beam exactly hits the middle of the crosshairs of Sinar parallel. The adjustment needs to be done on the camera stand, Sinar offersspecific adapter plates for Kaiser and Foba.