Simply MetalTM Prints & Standouts

Simply Color Lab, Inc. is adding to its color lab division with Simply MetalTM Prints and Standouts. The company, which provides print services including canvas, paper prints and press-printed products to professional photographers, guarantees the new lines of Fine Art Prints are produced with the same top-of-line quality that Simply Color Lab’s clients have come to expect.

The new Simply MetalTM Print line provides professional photographers with a contemporary option for their clients, whether it’s a photo with exquisite color or a classic black-and-white.  Simply MetalTM Prints are available in squares, rectangles and all new circles with a matte or gloss finish. Printing photographs on a white base maintains the color of the original images. Several mounting options for this modern product are available, including hanging hardware, which are metal pegs mounted on the wall for a three-dimensional look. Simply Color Lab exclusive solid wood stands and metal cubes will also be available soon. Prints are available in various sizes ranging from 4x6” to 30x40.”

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Standouts are known for their durability. The photograph is mounted on a sturdy foam core, and Simply Color Lab ensures the product will last by adding a sleek finished edge to each standout to provide extra protection to the mount. Clients can choose options that complement their image best. They will have a choice between depths of three-quarters of an inch and 1.5 inches and between a white or black finish. Standouts are available with any of Simply Color Lab’s fine art papers or Simply VividTM Prints. Standouts are available in various sizes ranging from 4x5” to 30x40.”

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