Simply Color Lab’s Simply VIVID Prints

Simply Color Lab, Inc. announces its new line of 100% digital photos – Simply VIVID Prints. With bolder, more vibrant colors, the new line brings professional photographers a better, faster, less-expensive alternative to traditional prints.  And have the added benefit of being eco-friendly.

Simply Color Lab, Inc., which provides print services to professional photographers including canvas, paper prints, and press-printed products, will be adding to their paper prints line with Simply Vivid™ Prints. This new line of prints utilizes state-of-the-art printing processes and inks that allow the most bold, vibrant colors available in the industry. The larger color gamut and digital process offers better consistency and color accuracy and allows photographers to more accurately represent what was actually photographed without compromising color range as in the past.

Simply Vivid™ Prints will also have an increased turnaround time and can be shipped within 24 hours for non-color corrected images. Along with the increased color range, and the faster turnaround time, Simply Color Lab can offer this new line at a significantly reduced price since they will NOT need to be hand cut and hand coated as with their current premium line of Hahnemuhle and Traditional Fine Art Papers.

About Simply Color Lab
Simply Color Lab, Inc, a web-based printing company that serves the professional photography market throughout the United States and internationally. Manufacturing custom print products for the photography industry, they have expanded product offerings since the company’s launch in January 2005.

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