Sigma Introduces Digitally Optimized Teleconverters

Sigma has introduced two digitally optimized teleconverters for use with their telephoto and telephoto-zoom lenses. Both models utilize the latest multi-layer lens coating and a new optical design to reduce flare and ghosting and maintain optimum image quality.

The dedicated APO 1.4x EX DG and APO 2x EX DG teleconverters are mounted between specific lenses and the camera body to increase the focal length by the power of 1.4 or 2. High-speed autofocus is retained when these teleconverters are utilized

Compact and lightweight, these teleconverters provide a convenient means of enhancing the magnification capabilities of specific Sigma lenses without compromising their high level of performance. They are available in mounts to fit most popular SLR cameras. For more information visit