Shutterbug Moves Forward as Web-Only Publication

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Shutterbug Moves Forward as Web-Only Publication
Venerable Photography Media Brand to Focus on Website After Ending Print Edition

May 22, 2018 -- Shutterbug is moving forward as a web-only publication ( after ending its print magazine after 45 years, Shutterbug Editor-in-Chief Dan Havlik announced today.

“Shutterbug magazine had a great run, but the media landscape has changed dramatically in the last 4+ decades, and we felt now was the time for Shutterbug to become a dynamic, web-only publication,” Havlik said. “ has grown dramatically in recent years with record traffic and expanded reach to photographers around the world. We can now dedicate all our resources to further growing our online presence and expanding our video, social media, mobile and e-commerce channels.”

In the last four years since Havlik joined Shutterbug as editor-in-chief,’s traffic has increased over 700%. was also recently named one of the top five best photography news sites by Feedspot. Meanwhile, Shutterbug’s social media channels have grown exponentially in recent years, with nearly one million followers on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flipboard, Twitter and other social sites combined.

“The web, social media and video are simply the best ways for Shutterbug to reach the growing audience of photographers out there, including everyone who is graduating up from shooting with their smart phones and wants to learn how to capture photos with real cameras, to photo enthusiasts and seasoned pros who want to read the latest news and reviews of the hottest photo gear. offers it all.”

Along with continuing to post the best photography how-tos, video tutorials, feature stories and camera gear reviews on the web, will expand its popular photo galleries where readers share and comment on their images. will also open an online photography store where visitors can buy cameras, lenses, software, and photo accessories, along with Shutterbug-branded merchandise such as t-shirts and camera bags.

Shutterbug is owned by AVTech Media Americas Inc., a division of the UK-based AVTech Media Ltd (UK) company.

Print subscribers with questions should contact Shutterbug's customer service at 800-829-9153, or by email at

HowAboutRAW's picture

Will the web version now have raws from reviewed cameras for download?

For example say 50 raws, non-lossy compressed, from say the Nikon D850 shot at a variety of ISOs?

Ikona Photography's picture

What about those who have print subscriptions that will extend past the date that SB goes web-only? Will we get a refund?

Dan Havlik's picture

There is a new customer support number and email that can help you out at the top of our contact page:

Ikona Photography's picture

My print subscription runs through Apr 2021. When I called customer support, the agent was unaware that SB was going to cease print publication. After she checked the webpage, she said that it was her understanding that Jul 2018 would be the last print edition. Can you confirm? How do I (and others) get a refund for the balance of our subscription? Thanks!

jtm71's picture

Man, I am going to miss the printed magazines. :/

Lou_B's picture

...because taking a break from the computer or tablet to read a decent print article or two was a real treat. I could keep my focus on photography & get away from the continuous screen onslaught for a bit. Farewell Shutterbug!!!

janetsphoto's picture

I have two and a half years left on my subscription! Have I simply lost that money?? I understand the reason for the move to web only, but it seems to leave those of us who were loyal to the print version in the lurch.

Dan Havlik's picture

There is a new customer support number and email that can help you out at the top of our contact page:

K5dude's picture

This is not good news, I am not happy. First Pop Photo, now Shutterbug? A web site is not the same as a paper magazine.

Photofinder's picture

Will the web version change to paid subscription? Will past and future issues be archived?

Dan Havlik's picture

There is a new customer support number and email that can help you out at the top of our contact page:

greyfox47's picture

So, Shutterbug going to web version? When were you planning on informing current subscribers? Are we always the last to know? Will there actually be a web based magazine or just web-based content? If it's a mag,Will it be downloadable?

Screwy Louie's picture

What am I supposed to read while I'm taking a dump??!?

dsspivak's picture

Print isn't dead afterall! There's a new photography magazine called Photopreneur and it's in print!

PeterN's picture

I am most disappointed in the loss of another print magazine.

I was just reading the June 2018 issue (I am a little behind, most of my reading is before going to bed), and was reading the Editorial where Mr. Havlic was happy to announce the magazine's new owner change (back in March) and that the magazine is in good hands. Obviously the editorials are not written in a timely matter (in regards to the publish date), but likely several months prior. This should have been a good bye message. As other sources have pointed out, the magazine has never been very timely.

I enjoyed reading Shutterbug the most in their "newspaper" days. The writing was on the wall when ads for Harbor Freight (the junk tool store) started showing up a few years ago. And as others pointed out the issues kept getting thinner and thinner.

kirtcavill's picture

It is moving forward as a web-only publication.