Shutterbug Contributor’s Instructional DVD on Available Light and Flash

Alas Media is pleased to announce a new DVD that guides digital photographers on the use of light to improve the quality of their photographs. Using both available light and flash, photographers learn while looking over the shoulder of professional photographer and writer, Ibarionex Perello, who has over 15 years in the photographic industry including work with Nikon Inc. and Better Photo and whose articles have appeared in Shutterbug magazine. 

“Digital Photography: Using Available Light and Flash” demonstrates how to become aware of the qualities of light and how through the use of camera’s features and tools, a photographer can improve the quality of their images. The video leads the viewer through the fundamentals of lighting and how to use metering, white balance and ISO to control the most important aspect of their image: light.

“The goal of the DVD was to provide an opportunity for viewer’s to be in the field with a professional photographer while he was actually making his images,” says Ibarionex Perello. “The viewer gets a clear understanding of how their awareness of light and their camera settings for ISO, metering and white balance impact the look of their final image. Having such an opportunity really educates viewer’s to not just the how, but also the why of these important camera and flash controls.”

Topics include direction, color and quality of light, the use of reflectors, working with wireless flash and controlling contrast. The DVD also provides a primer for understanding basic camera controls and features. .

“Digital Photography: Using Available Light and Flash” presented by Alas Media will be available starting December 1, 2008, and can be obtained online at the Alas Media website ( or a retailer for an estimated selling price of $24.95. Running time is approximately 50 minutes. DVD excerpts can be viewed online at

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