Sharpics Studio Lighting Kits

Sharpics, Inc., has revealed its line of enhanced Studio Lighting Kits, designed to offer cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions for achieving professional product photography images.

Sharpics' Compact Studio Light Kit (model LKT-92) and Clamp-on Overhead Light (model CLK-9) are said to be built to ensure accurate product photography and bring out the true colors of the particular object being photographed. Sharpics' compact designs can deliver ideal lighting placement for tabletop photography.

The line also includes two compact 30-watt fluorescent bulbs with the LKT-92 lighting kit, which provide the equivalent to a 240-watt incandescent bulb. The CLK-9 Overhead Light will feature one bulb. The compact fluorescent bulbs use 75 to 80 percent less power than equivalent incandescent bulbs, offering energy-efficiency, cooler temperature and longevity. The addition of these `daylight-balanced' bulbs will also offer users the ability to achieve lighting effects comparable to natural daylight.

Sharpics' Compact Studio Light Kit
The compact studio light kit includes two mini studio lights, designed for applications such as tabletop photography. SRP: $129.95

· Two compact light stands
· Two 30-watt fluorescent bulbs, Color Temp. 5000K
· 2-section column with flip grip adjusts from 12" to 18"
· Two 9" reflectors with adjustable ball bracket
· On/off switch and 7-ft cord
· Each light fixture is rated 120V, 250 watts maximum

Sharpics' Clamp-on Overhead Light
Sharpics' Clamp-on Overhead Light extends product photography capabilities to include overhead lighting effects. SRP: $89.95

· 2" clamp with molded knob
· One 30-watt fluorescent bulb, Color Temp. 5000K
· 2-section vertical column and 2-section horizontal column with twist lock
· 9" reflector with adjustable ball bracket
· On/off switch and 7-ft cord
· Rated 120V, 250 watts maximum

Sharpics is also the creator of the D-Flector -- a patent-pending portable photo studio that quickly unfolds into a tabletop background stand to support the product photography needs of everyone from professional to novice photographers. The product is ideal for individuals to easily create high-quality product images needed for selling items via the Internet, designing print catalogs, marketing and promotional materials, art projects, etc. The D-Flector has also proven to be helpful for documenting items for insurance claims, appraisals, home and office inventories or estate planning.

Product Availability:
Sharpics' lighting products are available for purchase online at and in a variety of retail camera stores.