SensorKlear Loupe Kit On The Space Station

Gravity defying dust will not be a problem for the precision optics astronauts use to capture images from space. NASA has approved the LensPen SensorKlear Loupe Kit from Parkside Optical Inc. for use on the International Space Station.

The LensPen Original is already a regular traveler on the Space Shuttle. It works on a simple two-step process. First, use the natural goat hair brush to quickly remove all loose dust from the lens or eyepiece. Next, take off the cap and remove fingerprints and other greasy blemishes with the flexible chamois tip, which is embedded with a carbon compound similar to printer’s ink. It’s essentially the same principal that makes the use of newspapers still a popular method for cleaning windows. A quick twist of the cap and the carbon compound in the chamois is refreshed.

LensPen has taken the Original concept and created the SensorKlear Loupe Kit – everything you need to keep the sensors on your DSLR clean and dust-free.

Position the loupe on the camera body, as you would a lens. Four LEDs provide perfectly directed light to pinpoint dust on the sensor. If dust is detected, use the Hurricane Blower to remove the dry dust. If any sticky dust remains, this is when the SensorKlear Loupe Kit really makes a difference. Using the access window at the side of the Loupe, insert the angled, carbon-embedded chamois tip of the SensorKlear II™ pen to safely and easily target and remove the sticky dust. Only the LensPen SensorKlear Loupe has the access window to allow the user to see and clean at the same time – a quantum leap forward in the world of digital SLR sensor cleaning.

SensorKlear Loupe Kit from LensPen is a “must-have” for your DSLR camera – a necessity, not an accessory. It has proved its effectiveness and reliability under the most demanding conditions – from desert heat to arctic cold to deep space.

Safe, effective and convenient, the SensorKlear Loupe Kit and Original LensPen are RoHS compliant and meet California's rigid proposition 65 and NASA’s standards. Suggested retail price is $89.95 for the SensorKlear Loupe Kit, $14.95 for the Original. Ask for a demonstration next time you visit your favorite camera shop.