SensorKlear Loupe Kit

The LensPen SensorKlear Loupe Kit includes everything a photographer needs to clean sensors on DSLRs. Used on the International Space Station, this kit has proved its effectiveness and reliability under the most demanding conditions.

It’s easy to use – position the Loupe on the camera body, as you would a lens. Four LCDs in the Loupe provide perfectly directed light to pinpoint the problem. Once dust is detected, the Hurricane blower is used to remove the dry dust. And if any dust remains, that’s when the SensorKlear Loupe Kit really makes a difference.

Using the access window at the side of the Loupe, insert the angled tip of the SensorKlear II pen to safely and easily target and remove the sticky dust. Only the LensPen SensorKlear Loupe has the access window to allow the user to see and clean at the same time – a quantum leap forward in the world of DSLR sensor cleaning.

Safe, effective and convenient, the SensorKlear Loupe Kit is RoHS compliant and meets California's rigid proposition 65 standards. Suggested retail price is $99.95. Available at camera stores, and online at Visit and watch the “LensPen Sensor Cleaning System” video.

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This is an excellent sensor. Good job! - Casa Sandoval