Sekonic and X-Rite Digital Suite

Sekonic and X-Rite have announced the release of the Sekonic X-Rite Digital Suite. Combining the latest light metering technology from Sekonic with the precision monitor calibration of the MonacoOPTIXXR, digital photographers can be assured the images are captured and evaluated properly.

Today's digital workflow has challenged photographers with two obstacles: getting the correct exposure before capturing the image and seeing the image accurately on the monitor. With the new Sekonic X-Rite Digital Suite, photographers can get what they see and see what they have correctly with out wasting time trying to fix images later.

The new Sekonic X-Rite Digital Suite contains the new Sekonic L-558R multi-function, wireless radio triggering light meter. It is said to provide the most accurate and sensitive light measurements for both incident and reflective light reading. Light evaluation and exposure control is enhanced with key features such as the 1 degree spot finder with digital display, calibration compensation and flash analyzing modes. To accurately evaluate the images on a monitor, the award winning MonacoOPTIXXR colorimeter calibrates and profiles CRT's and LCD displays. Color corrections are instantly applied for "REAL" color and contrast viewing. Now photographers can make realistic evaluations and correction of their images without the surprise of exposure or color errors.