SeaLife Twin-Flash DC1400 Pro X2

SeaLife has created the twin-flash DC1400 Pro X2 for underwater photographers. With a pair of extremely powerful strobe lights on each side, the DC1400 Pro X2 package combines brilliant illumination with a feature-packed, easy-to-use 14-megapixel underwater camera that will bring out the professional underwater photographer in you on any dive.

Every accomplished photographer knows that in order to record the best images, at least two light sources are required. Used properly, a pair of powerful light sources create modeling for accurate depth, and they eliminate harsh shadows to yield rich, colorful photographs. Based on the state-of-the-art DC1400 digital camera accompanied by two Digital Pro Flashes, the DC1400 Pro X2 package was designed to create an underwater studio, no matter where your adventures lead you.

Featuring five simple-to-operate “Piano Keys,” the DC1400 digital camera’s operational modes can be easily manipulated with gloved hands for superior photos above or below the water’s surface. With six underwater color modes that allow you to take color-balanced images down to 200 ft., the DC1400 camera is truly an easy-to-use dive camera, yet it can shed it’s rugged, rubber-armored and waterproof shell to become a familiar pocket-sized point-and-shoot to capture memorable topside moments.

The Digital Pro Flash on each side of the camera body creates the ideal underwater lighting studio. Each flash can be easily positioned for the most advantageous illumination of your subject. The Digital Pro Flash has an “Auto Mode” thyristor rectifier that automatically adjusts flash brightness for optimal image exposure. A variable-power adjustment also allows the user to manually set flash intensity. The color temperature of each flash provides compensation for the underwater environment—an environment that tends to absorb the red and yellow portions of the light spectrum—resulting in astonishing colors of both coral and sealife. The Digital Pro Flashes are depth rated to 200 ft., and their effective underwater shooting distances are up to 8 ft.

The DC1400 Pro X2 package comes complete with a DC1400 camera, a pair of Digital Pro Flashes, a Flash Link trigger module to operate both flashes simultaneously and a deluxe soft case. The retail price of the DC1400 Pro X2 is $1,149.95.  To find a SeaLife authorized dealer near you, visit

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