Savage “Green Screen Central” at Retailer

Savage Universal is proud to announce the launch of their new Green Screen Central. Green Screen Central incorporates everything a photographer needs to replace the background of their photo.

The Green Screen Central is a self-contained educational center designed to teach photographers green screen technology. It is equipped with a monitor that easily demonstrates green screen capabilities using any of the several Savage products. Products include the Digital Background Starter Discs, Digital Themed Background DVDs, Accent Green Screen Cloth Backgrounds, Green/ Blue Collapsible Backgrounds and Complete Photo Creator Kits.

The digital background starter disc is said by the company to be the easiest software to use for removing backgrounds. Simply select the photo that was shot on a Savage green screen background, click on the tab to remove the background, then choose from a number of Savage’s digital backgrounds.

Savage’s Green Screen Central is available in all Samy’s locations.

For more information please contact Savage Universal 800-624-8891 or visit

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