Satin Paper Finish from Zookbinders

The popular press printed PhotoBook by Zookbinders and PhotoBook Plus products now include the option of Satin paper. The smooth texture of the Satin finish is the closest replica to real photographic (silver halide) paper, but without a high price tag. This third paper option hits the sweet spot between Zookbinders’ original Glossy finish, which features a laminated page, and Matte finish, which offers a fine-art-look and rich pebble texture.

Created with extensive photographer input, the Satin finish is ideal for those who appreciate the timeless look of photographic paper at an affordable price. “The Satin page is the finish we wanted to introduce when we launched PhotoBook, but until now no products met our high standards,” said Mark Zucker, Zookbinders Founder & CEO. “After testing dozens of papers and manufacturing techniques, we’ve discovered the right formula to meet our rigorous requirements.”

The three distinct finishes are offered at the same cost in a wide variety of sizes, cover styles and leather colors. Whatever the client’s occasion or taste, Zookbinders makes it is easy to replicate one design and sell it multiple times with special package pricing.

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