Is Samsung Taking “Wearables” to a Whole New Level With Blink-and-Shoot Smart Contact Lenses?

Samsung, one of the leaders in wearable technology, may be taking miniaturization to a whole new level with a patent for smart contact lenses equipped with a camera, sensors, and an antenna with the ability to transfer images to a smartphone for processing. All you have to do is blink to take a picture!

According to a post in the SamMobile blog, sensors in the contact lenses detect movement and have a display that projects images onto the wearer’s eyes. The initiative began as a response to the limited image quality that could be achieved with augmented reality smart glasses like Google Glass.

Interestingly, Google also owns patents for smart contact lenses. Keep in mind that this technology may simply be a concept exercise; if and when either company brings camera-enabled smart contact lenses to market (if they do, it won’t happen in the blink of an eye) several issues will likely emerge—the least of which being image-quality and privacy concerns.