Samsung Digimax V700

The Samsung Digimax V700 is a 7-megapixel digicam that sells for $409.99. The pocketable camera features a 4 cm super-macro mode, a 2-inch color LCD display and a Schneider 7.8-23.4mm zom lens, equivalent to 38-114mm in 35mm format. Menu navigation is aided by a bold, graphic user interface, which includes scene modes, text modes and Program, aperture- and shutter-priority modes. There's also a "live", real-time histogram to aid in getting good exposures.

The V700 can also be used to record MPEG-4 videos, with VGA movie clips at 30 frames-per-second. It also features in-camera movie clip editing functions, previously only available with a PC. Also included are special functions to place a focused subject in a soft focus surrounding, a composite mode to enable dividing a scene into segments and saving as a single file and Photo Frame, to add frames to existing images, all in-camera.

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