Samsung Camera Enters DSLR Market

Samsung Camera has entered the DSLR market with the Samsung GX-1S, a six-megapixel model featuring Schneider optics and a high-resolution 2.5-inch LCD. The interchangeable lens DSLR was developed in partnership with Pentax Corporation. The GX-1S features a precise, 16-segment multi-pattern metering system in addition to center-weighted and spot metering. The camera incorporates a sophisticated 11-point AF sensor and a choice of AF-single or AF-modes.

Users can chose from several White Balance settings and a variety of automatic shooting modes including Portrait, Landscape, Moving Object, Macro and more. Developed specifically for use with the Samsung GX-1S is the Schneider D-XENON 18mm~55mm lens. Schnieder optics have long been a defining feature of Samsung's high-end digital still camera models, and the GX-1S is no exception. The GX-1S will be available as a body only, or bundled with the D-XENON lens as a kit. The GX-1S can also be used with many Pentax DSLR and KAF2 and KAF mount lenses.

The Samsung GX-1S includes a high-speed consecutive shooting mode of up to 2.8 fps for up to eight frames in JPEG shooting, and up to five fps when shooting in Raw Mode. For more information please visit