Ricoh Intros Pentax K-3 II DSLR with GPS, Better Shake Reduction, Faster AF and Astrotracer Feature

Ricoh Imaging just took the wraps off a new DSLR: the 24-megapixel Pentax K-3 II. The successor to the Pentax K-3 from 2013, the new K-3 II has the same dustproof and weather-resistant alloy casing and metal chassis; the same 24.35 effective megapixel resolution; the same 27-point AF system; and the same 8.3 frames per second burst shooting as its predecessor. But the new Pentax K-3 II does add a few new tricks including an improved 4.5EV stop shake reduction system, new high-speed AF algorithm, built-in GPS, gyro sensor panning detection and automatic horizon correction.

According to Ricoh, the K-3 II is the first camera in the Pentax line to feature Pixel Shift Resolution for capturing still life subjects with extra resolving power.

“Pixel shift technology uses the camera’s in-body Shake Reduction mechanism to move the image sensor at single pixel increments, capture four 4 separate images, which are subsequently combined into a single high definition image.  Benefits include higher resolving power, reduced false color and improved overall image quality of non-moving subjects,” Ricoh Imaging said in a press announcement.

The Pentax K-3 II also features a built-in GPS receiver, GPS log and an electronic compass “The GPS system records shooting location, camera orientation, altitude, and provides a date/time stamp tied specifically to your images; all of which can be transferred to a computer and mapped using services such as Google Earth,” Ricoh said.

The new Astrotracer in the K-3 II “tracks and photographs astronomical bodies such as stars and planets.” According to Ricoh, the system combines GPS and orientation location data together with magnetic and acceleration sensors “to calculate the motion needed to synchronize the CMOS sensor with the movement of the stars; making it possible to capture stars as points of light rather than star trails during long exposures.”

The Pentax K-3 II goes on sale in May 2015 for $1099. More details here.