Quick Photo Trick: This Is the One Camera Feature You Should TURN OFF!

Here’s a quick camera tip from travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert that’s worth trying out. It often seems like we’re all addicted to reviewing our images on the back screen right after we take them. And, in fact, there’s a camera setting that lets you immediately review the shots for a few seconds on the LCD display on back. (Most of you probably have it on.)

It’s called Auto Image Review and Lambert argues in the below video that you should seriously consider turning it off. Why? Well, he explains three points why that feature is not helpful, and will improve your overall photography if you cancel it:

#1 Saves Battery Life

#2 Slows You Down

#3 Improves Your Skills

Check out the video and then go visit his great photography YouTube channel. We also recommend these two other videos, which also discuss camera features that are overrated and underrated:

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