PWD Labs and Hasselblad "Native" Files

PWD Labs announced that its image processing services are now available to Hasselblad digital photographers. PWD editors have been trained by Hotwire-Digital, a Hasselblad premier partner, to use native Hasselblad digital files in the post-production process. Extending this digital service to the Hasselblad photographic community is a natural outgrowth of the value-added services PWD Labs offers and is available to Hasselblad photographers throughout the world.

John Williams of Hotwire-Digital states "This is an incredible resource for our customers who use the most powerful cameras in the world and who may not have the time, staff or training to handle the post- production workflow." Leveraging PWD’s expertise in digital image processing "promotes the photographer's energy to be used in the most productive way – capturing great images and developing their signature expression," comments Williams.

Jerry Weiner, PWD Labs CEO, agrees “Photographers shoot because they are driven to capture meaningful images, not spend late-nights in front of a computer.” The high-quality of a Hasselblad digital image results in file sizes that are large, requiring significant computer resources, time and skill to process. Weiner adds, “More direct access to our professional editors gives Hasselblad digital camera owners the opportunity to perfect their art by spending more time shooting, which is why they do this in the first place.”

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