The Puffin Pad

The Puffin Pad is designed to fit over the window of your car, via a slot running the length of the underside. The circular cutout above the slot gives the Puffin Pad some "wiggle room" to facilitate shooting. It is also designed to saddle most car doors, should you lower the window all the way.

Slight pressure will re-seat the Puffin Pad upon raising the window. There is also a 3 1/2" cutout on the underside to facilitate shooting from most fence posts. The Puffin Pad has withstood speeds of up to 50 MPH without moving from its position on the car window.

Because the Puffin Pad is constructed of automotive foam, it will not harm the finish of your car and can be used as a lens support on the cars' hood. The memory foam will return to its original shape after use.

The Puffin Pad has been used to support lenses up to 600mm. The base of automotive foam creates a solid platform and the memory foam offers gentle cushioning for the lens.

Although originally designed for use in and around your car, the Puffin Pad can be used on the beach to shoot eye level with shore birds, on gates, chair backs, tables, side railings of boats and more.

The Puffin Pad is constructed of durable, closed cell automotive foam with a 1/2" layer of memory foam on top. The Puffin Pad is 7" x 5" x 5" in size and weighs only 3.4 ounces.

There's also an add-on Tether Kit to secure the Puffin Pad to a belt, backpack, boat railing, Safari jeep etc.

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