Profoto Introduces New RFi Softboxes

These easy-to-use RFi Softboxes are available in 12 different sizes and four models: rectangular, square, octagonal and strip. In addition, users will not need to worry about what strobes they are using as the new speedring adaptors make the RFi Softboxes compatible with no less than 26 different flash brands.

To set themselves apart from other softboxes, Profoto RFi Softboxes feature a deeper shape that directs the light forward rather than spreading it to the sides. The "RF" in RFi stands for "recessed front". The recessed front minimizes stray light. It is also used for mounting the optional Softgrid. The Softgrid is a clever tool that creates an even more directed light, which in turn allows for even more precise light shaping. Other optional tools include the Flat Front Diffuser and the StripMask.

The color-coded speedrings and the handy Velcro attachments make the RFi Softboxes smooth to assemble and disassemble. Each softbox consists of very few loose parts and none require any tools or pre-assembly. And, RFi Softboxes are built to last. Every single unit is hand-sewn with heat resistant, high quality fabrics, and all seam lines, edges and corner pockets are reinforced to guarantee a long and trouble-free lifetime.

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