Priolite's Pro Flash Comes to the USA

Interfit Photographic Ltd announced that they will be sole distributors for the Priolite lighting range from Germany. Available for the first time in the USA, but designed and manufactured in Germany, Priolite is a range of highly portable battery powered monoblocs and power packs designed for the demands of the new generation of photographers.

The Priolite range uses their state-of-the-art monoblocs and power packs, with fully integrated Lithium-ion battery packs and in some models, high power LED modeling lamps. The latest Priolite MBX500 is capable of up to 220 flashes at full power, and up to 6000 flashes at lower power settings with a recycle time of less than 2.5 seconds. It uses groundbreaking LED technology for the energysaving modeling light used for both studio and location shoots, with the additional flexibility along with its MBX1000 counterpart, of both providing the photographer with user interchangeable replacement batteries.

Priolite offers 2 professional battery power packs in both the M-PACK 500 and M-PACK 1000 which when connected to the HEAD1000makes for a highly portable and lightweight versatile portable flash system, these also having interchangeable replacement batteries.

The range is further complemented by the LED400, a portable video light system for the location photographer wishing to balance daylight with a similar light source.

The entire range is enhanced by a range of accessories which include the Priolite 2.4Ghz bi-directional remote control (A), and the range features a unique dual bayonet Hensel and S/Type fitting; the first of its kind.

The Priolite lighting system is available to purchase from retailers under distribution of Interfit Photographic Ltd, please visit for full details.