Portable Power for Studio Flash Systems

Photogenic Professional Lighting introduced the new ION portable power supply. Small size and lightweight make the ION the perfect choice to replace gas generators, bulky old fashioned inverters or tons of extension cords. In short, the ION lets you take the power on location and leave the baggage behind.

ION's lithium-ion battery technology produces as much or more energy than a lead acid battery at a fraction of the size and weight. Weighing in at only 3.5 pounds with a compact 7.5" X 4.4" X 3.3" profile, ION is the perfect lighting travel companion. ION's pure sine wave inverter converts DC battery power to AC and is designed to function with today's sophisticated digital electronics in Photogenic and most other AC flash systems.

The lithium-ion battery is easily replaced in a matter of seconds. Recharge time to 100 percent is three to four hours. Carrying two additional charged batteries will triple the number of flashes without having to recharge.

The easy to use ION control panel features two three prong AC outlets, LED battery power level monitor, charger receptacle and power switch. The built-in .5 amp USB port can be used to power-up a cell phone, computer or other electronic devices.

ION comes complete with inverter, lithium-ion battery, charger, light stand mount and carry strap. Additional batteries, chargers and optional carry case are available separately.

The ION power supply warranty is 2 years from date of purchase. The lithium-ion battery warranty is 90 days from date of purchase.

The Photogenic ION power supply is available from Photogenic Professional Lighting dealers nationwide.

See your local Photogenic dealer for more information and an ION product demonstration.

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I like this one because its too small and comfortable to be used. - Wesley Upchurch