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The ColorMunki Designer adds ColorMunki Palettes, giving the graphic designer the ability to select and create color palettes from any source, including Pantone libraries, for RGB or CMYK color selection.

Other unique features include the ability to extract colors from images, search for images based on color values, and a DigitalPouch, which checks for correct viewing conditions on the receiver end--handy if you send images to clients for review.

In the past, spectrophotometers have been an expensive proposition. While ColorMunki promises to drop the prices down to the affordable level, it still isn't going to fit into everyone's budget, and for that matter, everyone's needs. If all you're really concerned about is monitor accuracy, the Pantone hueyPRO is an ideal solution at a much more palatable price of $129. If you're willing to spend $249, the i1Display2 is a more accurate device with greater control over the calibration process.

There are two software products that I consider essential tools in my color management kit. The first is ColorThink Pro from CHROMiX. This amazing piece of software lets me view, analyze, modify, and repair color profiles in more ways than I can imagine. I use this to examine profiles for different output devices, helpful to determine what printers support the widest range of color for a particular type of media, and where each printer excels. I can even modify existing profiles to fine-tune them if desired. At $399 it's not something that everyone will run out and buy, but for the true geek in me, and for critical color work, it's an important piece of my workflow.

CHROMiX ColorThink Pro

The second product is ColorEyes Display from Integrated Color Corporation. As good as the calibration software is that comes with the Spyder and i1Display2, ColorEyes can improve on it. It works with your existing colorimeter (or you can buy a bundle with a measuring device) to give you finer control over black and white point settings and to measure whether your display is capable of measuring specific colors that may be critical to your workflow. It works in both a Guided mode for those just starting out or not interested in all the technical goodies, or in an Advanced mode that will let you tweak and view to your heart's content. ColorEyes Display Pro lists for $185.

Integrated Color Corporation ColorEyes Display

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