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The Hahnel PowerStation Twin V Pro from RTS will charge many different-sized camera batteries, two at a time. It has a dual LCD blue luminescent display indicating power and is compatible with worldwide power voltages; it also comes with a car charger adapter. It will sell for about $80. They also offer an enhanced Power Battery Grip for D-SLR pro cameras that now includes IR remote control capability. A built-in system regulates the output, which permits using two batteries with different charge levels. It normally runs on two rechargeable lithium ion batteries but has an AA battery tray. Most versions have a vertical shutter release button. MSRP ranges from $169-$229.

Hahnel Battery Grip

The JOBO Energy PREMIO line of rechargeable batteries were designed for D-SLR and compact cameras and camcorders. Most are lithium ion but some are Ni-MH. Sixty of the most common sizes are available for the 400 most popular cameras. They are packaged in a color-coded system to assist in making it easier to find the correct replacement battery.

JOBO PREMIO rechargeable batteries

Lenmar Enterprises announced their new R2G (Ready to Go) line of Ni-MH batteries that come precharged and ready to use out of the package. They can be charged up to 1000 times using any standard Ni-MH charger and are said to hold a charge four times longer than standard Ni-MH rechargeables, with a claim that they retain 80 percent of their charge after six months. Besides photographic applications, they are good for low-drain "fill and forget" devices such as TV remotes, flashlights, and clocks. R2G batteries are offered in AA and AAA sizes and sold in four- and eight-pack configurations at a list price of $15-$30. The Lenmar Solo XP is an exceptionally portable universal battery charger that will accept most standard batteries for current digital cameras and camcorders. A built-in USB power port lets the user charge many other types of portable devices, including the iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, and Motorola RAZR. It has an MSRP of $50.

Lenmar R2G batteries

Sanyo eneloop rechargeable batteries from ToCAD America come precharged and have a longer shelf life after charging. They are offered in both AA and AAA sizes and the standard charger takes six hours, but they also offer a one-hour charging unit.

Lenmar Solo XP charger

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