PLUS Coalition Publishes Photo Licensing Glossary

The PLUS Coalition has published the Universal Picture Licensing Glossary, a free resource providing industry-standard definitions for more than 1300 terms used in transactions involving photography and illustration. The new PLUS Glossary is now online and available for use at the PLUS Coalition's newly launched web site,

The PLUS Glossary is the first component of the Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS), a new system of industry standards created and approved by a worldwide coalition of art buyers, photographers, illustrators, publishers, graphic designers, advertisers, artist representatives, stock picture agents and their trade associations. The PLUS License Format enables standardized license information to travel as metadata within digital images, easily accessible to any viewer. With the PLUS Media Matrix, media selection is quick and easy, with uniform media categories, organized by type and identified by universal billing codes.

The new PLUS Glossary is receiving high marks from image makers and image users alike. Conceived as a universal resource for defining image usage terms, the PLUS Glossary and other PLUS System components provide a comprehensive, universal licensing language that is easy to understand, and easy to use.