PictureCode Releases Photo Ninja Raw Converter

PictureCode has released Photo Ninja, a new professional-grade raw converter that offers powerful new tools for getting the best possible results from a digital image.

According to early users, Photo Ninja delivers crisp and impressive detail, and images have a uniquely pleasing and realistic look. Moreover, it superbly exploits the dynamic range of modern cameras, thanks to world-class algorithms for adaptive lighting, highlight recovery, and noise reduction.

The result of an intensive R&D effort at PictureCode, Photo Ninja was developed with active participation from a diverse group of professional and enthusiast photographers in an extended beta test.

Jim Christian, founder of PictureCode, explains that “After we released Noise Ninja back in 2003, it quickly gained wide adoption and a reputation for excellence. Based on feedback from the beta test, I believe the same thing will happen with Photo Ninja. It has been an incredibly challenging project, but we have managed to develop highly effective technology in several key areas, and users are reporting excellent results and ease of adjustment.”

License keys are being sold for $129 with a year of free software updates. Until October 15, owners of a Noise Ninja license can purchase a Photo Ninja license for a discount of 25% to 85%, depending on the type and issue date of the Noise Ninja license.

Details, case studies, examples, and the software are available on the PictureCode website at www.picturecode.com.

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