Phottix Umbrella Swivel US-A3

The redesigned Phottix US-A3 is an affordable umbrella swivel for off-camera-flash. Made from tough and durable quality aluminum alloy and fireproof PA66 plastic, the US-A3 is ready for any photographic situation. The ball head design is easy to adjust for fast on-scene lighting changes. With an 8mm locking umbrella mounting hole, the US-A3 will accept most standard sized umbrellas. Included are a locking ring and a metal cold shoe for mounting flashes. The US-A3 3/8” threaded female lug (with 1/4” threaded insert) mounts onto many light stands.

A 1/4” to cold shoe adapter is included to mount the US-A3 to a hot or cold shoe accessory. This makes for an excellent solution for mounting small monitors or other accessories to the flash shoe of a DSLR as well, where it is important to be able to position the item at different angles.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Umbrella Swivel US-A3 is $24.99 USD.

About Phottix
Phottix is an international company specializing in photography accessories, committed to developing an expanding line of original and innovative products for photographers. Phottix has established a high level of brand name recognition with retailers and customers because of the design, quality, and pricing of their unique accessories.

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As the materials have been described here, no wonder this thing is worth the price and certainly buyers get what they have paid for. - Marla Ahlgrimm