Photoshop Quick Tip: Change the Background Color of a Photo in Just 1 Minute (VIDEO)

Whether you prefer portraiture, macro, or tabletop photography, it’s nice to have a choice of backdrops to make your images stand out. Unfortunately, many of us shoot against a plain wall because we can’t afford to invest in backdrops of various colors.

As you’ll see in the quick video below, the right background color will complement and accentuate your subject, make it stand out from the rest of a scene, and contribute to an impactful shot. But don’t worry if you don’t own a selection of backdrops, because you can change the background color in your photos with a simple Photoshop trick.

This tutorial is different from those we frequently share from image-editing expert Aaron Nace at PHLEARN, which tend to be rather involved and take a bit of practice. This one is a visual tutorial, without dialogue, and you’ll see how to work some magic in just one minute.

While Nace demonstrates his simple Photoshop technique using a portrait photograph, you can use this method with all types of images—even those you shoot outdoors. And he provides a downloadable sample image in the description beneath the video, so you can follow along and apply the changes yourself.

This quick technique is definitely one you’ll want to remember, so be sure and jot down a few notes. After watching the video, head over to Nace’s YouTube channel where you’ll find a wide variety of editing advice.

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