PhotoShelter Inc. Unveils The PhotoShelter Collection 1.0

PhotoShelter Inc. has introduced an entirely new brand system to coincide with the end of the beta period for its open-but-edited image marketplace, the PhotoShelter Collection. Since the Collection launched in September 2007, the Company has made a number of improvements, based on feedback from photographers and image buyers culled during the beta period. Feature updates include more intuitive navigation, better lightbox capabilities, batch actions, easier access to advanced search features, and new user tutorials. With this official launch, PhotoShelter has also unveiled a new visual identity for its company and brands, including a redesigned logo and icon created by Cinco Design Office of Portland, OR.

2,000 new photographers and 2,000 new image buyers are joining the PhotoShelter Collection every month, with over 100,000 new images uploaded monthly from photographers in 120 countries across the world.

The PhotoShelter Collection opened in beta to photographers in September of 2007 and buyers in November of 2007 during which PhotoShelter actively sought feedback from members of the community to create the most inspirational and productive experience possible. Photographers now enjoy greater control during the upload and editing process and buyers will benefit from more efficient image searches, easier lightbox creation, and an