PhotoReflect's New Super Cart

PhotoReflect ( has launched a new and improved shopping cart for the pro photographer’s customer. Dubbed by the company as the ‘Super Cart,’ online photo customers can more efficiently review and edit their orders.

According to the company’s vice president of sales, Charlie Meyer, this new level of interactivity achieves great results. “When an online customer is equipped to literally participate in their purchase, it does a number of things. For one, it creates a positive experience that the customer associates with the photographer who uses the Photoreflect e-commerce solution as their online storefront. Secondly, it reduces errors and returns because the customer can review and edit their order to get exactly what they want.” He continues, “The simplicity of this experience causes customers to make a larger purchase more often which increases the photographer’s revenue.”

Photographers can evaluate the ever-improving Super Cart by signing up for a free 30-day trial and/or viewing a completely functional PhotoReflect site, of which more than 35,000 are live. Sample sites are also available for review and interaction at The best illustrations of the power of the Super Cart technology are when one selects to purchase a gallery canvas wrap, a print-package, and/or a digital package of more than one photo. Additional improvements and product uses of the Super Cart technology will be unveiled to PhotoReflect subscribers in coming months as part of the company’s ongoing process to continually enhance PhotoReflect.