PhotoReflect Enhances Photographer Sales

PhotoReflect ( is now providing new and improved tools to increase sales for the professional photographer while enriching the online experience for their customers. In particular, a new selling feature called “digital download packages” that enables photo-consumers to choose their images with the help of an online wizard, has already resulted in an empirical increase in sales volume for photographers using PhotoReflect.

Charlie Meyer, PhotoReflect’s vice president of sales, explains, “This upsurge in the popularity of digital delivery of either high-, medium- or low-resolution copies of photography tells an important tale about how people use pictures these days.” He points to Facebook and other social media sites as a good example of how photographers can profit from selling low-resolution photos and continues: “Photographers have been experiencing a higher demand from their customers to purchase digital files online. We have seen digital download packages become a complementary addition to a photographer’s print and gift products that increases their sales.”

Digital download packages are just one new PhotoReflect feature. Others include:

• Improved simplicity for photographers to choose exactly what they want to sell at a cost they determine
• Creation tools for photographers to organize and price unique product and client categories
• Photo gifts that auto-orient based on the photo selected by the online photo-customer
• A multi-dimensional representation of gallery canvas wraps giving photo-customers an elaborate preview of their high-end purchase

Many are praising these tools because they are completely controlled by the photographer. As a result, they can configure their product offerings in ways necessary to meet the unique needs of their individual business.

PhotoReflect has been providing websites and online photo selling services since 1999 and has since seen over one billion photos put online with their system. The company’s mission is to make it easy for anyone to price and publish their photos online while at the same time designing website “storefronts” in a way that it makes it simple for a photographer’s customers to buy the photos. To learn more about PhotoReflect and how it works, visit To learn more about selling digital photos online, visit