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Give Prints is a for profit company working to GIVE 50% of their profits to various non profits. The heart of Give Prints is to help people send love to others through the purchasing of photographs. Local photographers from San Diego to Los Angels jumped on board and gave generously through donating their photographs to Give Prints.

Photographers from Left to Right: Top line: Aaron Young, Bethany Lomas, Mick McMurray, Jr., Sean Gibbons Middle line: Jeff Molyneaux, Jenn Gibello, David McGee, Cristina Robeck Bottom line: Cynthia Garcia, Sebastian Muller, Samantha May, Mick McMurray

All of the photographers have a unique story as to why they wanted to be part of Give Prints. Here are what a few had to say about why they wanted to be part of Give Prints and GIVE of their talents.

Jenn Gibello was instrumental in helping to get Give Prints going; she was one of the first photographers to jump on board. “I wanted to give images to Give Prints because I am fortunate to have "enough". I am at a place in life where it feels better to give than to receive. I also love how a photograph can touch the heart and emotions of a person by taking them to a place or time that may have been forgotten or just not visited in a long time.”

The Charity she is inspired by is International Princess Project. She loves the idea of liberating women and helping them to gain their freedom.

Sean Gibbons is an up and coming life style/event photographer in Orange County. He was sent an invitation because of his passion for helping people. “I shoot photography out of passion to inspire. That inspiration can spark motivation for change, create progression in your life, or bring open new outlooks on things you didn't realize before. I joined Give Prints team for the same purpose, to help inspire while benefiting charities.

The Charity he is inspired by is Enlace - because I have worked first hand with them in El Salvador.

Jeff Molyneaux contacted Give Prints to be one of their photographers out of sheer passion. “I am so proud to be associated with Give Prints and to give back to people in need. I want to leave this planet knowing that I was never selfish. That even though I may not be able to touch a child physically and save them from whatever they are going through, I may be able to give something back. I love to capture a moment in time that makes me appreciate the beauty of nature so that I can push someone else to get out and appreciate it through their own eyes.”

The Charity he is inspired by is DTJ. DTJ exposes injustices facing children in-crisis and advocate for intervention.

Samantha May is an inspiring photographer with an edge for beauty in imagery. “I wanted to be part of Give Prints because I would rather the pictures I take change the world rather than the pictures I take having no meaning. My photos have a story that gets to be shared and giving allows someone's story to be filled with meaning through the charities. Photography captures something, it's timeless. You look back on a photo and it brings back the feelings that you had at the moment. You see a photo for the first time and you question the story behind the image. It makes the things unseen seen for curious thinkers. “

The Charity he is inspired by is their hearts beat for something more and it's so powerful. They believe in dreaming with action.

About the Charities: Just as one values the beauty of a print, Give Prints values the beauty of lives changed. We have committed to partnering with organizations that are already doing amazing work. Some of our featured charities are: DTJ, International Princess™ Project, ENLACE, CHOC, Cru and Walking on Water. Our hope is that we will be able to show people around the world that they are loved.

“I believe that GIVING should be at the core of business. I am inspired by each of our photographers and Give Prints is dedicated to telling their story and exposing their talents. If you are looking for a photographer Give Prints is the place to start.

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