Photographer Solves Mystery After Developing Forgotten Film In Vintage Camera Bought on eBay

We all know the drill: You find a bargain vintage camera on eBay or at a thrift shop and discover there’s a long-forgotten roll of film inside. Unlike most of us who would simply dispose of the film, Alex Galmeanu developed the roll and discovered 10 wedding photos from the 1970s.

Romanian fashion photographer Galmeanu is a curious sort, so when his 50-year-old eBay bargain arrived with an exposed but undeveloped roll of film inside, there was only one course of action: “I developed it right away,” he explains, “and, as a surprise, I was able to recover 10 quite usable images—especially considering their age.”

Galmeanu decided to attempt to find the owner of the photographs, which depict a 70’s era wedding with the newlyweds, their parents, and a few cars with license plates that gave him somewhere to start.

It turns out that Galmeanu has some pretty good investigative skills and he discovered that one of the automobiles was registered in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1973 or 1974.

From there Galmeanu posted his quest on the Internet and the BBC helped him crack the case when they were contacted by Alastair Bremner who said his sister Kathleen was the bride in the wedding.

Bremner also recognized the car as belonging to his father. Alas, the smiling wedding couple in the photos is no longer married and Bremner is unsure of who took the photos. (You can see more of the images on the Daily Mail's site.)

So the next time one of my eBay bargains arrive with film inside, I may just get it developed. How about you?

Via MyModernMet