Photographer Barbara Bordnick On Kingston's "Icons Of Photography" Web Site

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. has announced that world-class portrait and fashion photographer Barbara Bordnick is the new featured photographer on Kingston's Icons of Photography beginning today. "Icons of Photography" is an online forum consisting of several of the world's most respected photographers who share some of their unique tips and techniques with photo enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. Each month Kingston spotlights a new Icon who provides interesting advice and anecdotes for taking better pictures and shares how they successfully navigate through the exciting world of digital imaging, storage, and workflow.

As this month's Icons of Photography spotlight photographer, Barbara Bordnick shares some of the secrets that have made her one of the premiere portrait photographers in the world. She also discusses how her workflow has changed since working with digital cameras and the important role Kingston Flash memory cards have played in that process.

Kingston will introduce a new photographer with their featured photographic tip, gallery of images, calendar of events and biography around the 15th of each month. Photographers and consumers can read the latest tips and view images by logging onto