Photogenic StudioMax III Radio Trigger Lights

Photogenic has announced built-in radio triggering for the StudioMax III AC and AC/DC monolights. The all new four channel RTR radio receiver is built into the 320 watt second and 160 watt second StudioMax III lights.

Unlike other radio triggered lights, the StudioMax III radio antenna is also built-in. This means you do not need to install the antenna every time you shoot, or remove it to pack the light when you go on location. The internal antenna does not sacrifice radio range. Your lights can be fired at distances up to 80' or more from the camera with the RTT transmitter sold separately. The Photogenic RTT transmitter comes with a battery installed that lasts for thousands of hours. A spare battery is also included. Batteries will never be needed for the receiver because it is activated by the by the power from the StudioMax III light.

You can program up to 4 separate triggering frequencies. Set the switches on the bottom of the transmitter to the frequency of your choice. Turn on the power to the light. Press and hold the program button on the light. While holding the program button, press the test button on the transmitter until the light flashes two or three times, and you are set to trigger wirelessly.

StudioMax III Radio Trigger Lights have all the features of the standard StudioMax III lights with the added convenience of wireless synchronization. The following Radio Trigger lights are available from your Photogenic Professional Lighting Dealer.

· AKC160R (906818) 160 watt seconds, AC only. Street price $249.95.
· AKC160BR (906944) 160 watt seconds, AC/DC. Street price $297.95.
· AKC320R (906922) 320 watt seconds, AC only. Street price $289.95.
· AKC320BR (906944) 320 watt secons, AC/DC. Street price $336.95.