Photogenic Fresnel Light Modifier

Photogenic Professional Lighting announces the launch of the PL5R-FRES Fresnel Modifier, a 5-inch vented conical reflector with Fresnel Glass lens and two-panel barn doors. 

The PL5R-FRES is designed for glamour and product photography and produces a crisp beam of light with defined soft shadow edges, creating smooth even-coverage. The removable Fresnel Glass is constructed as an optical spotlight with a well-designed circle border that fades outwards from the center, producing a flood-style beam. Additionally, the lens’ satin-anodized reflective surface allows the light transition to create beautiful skin tones, as well as sharp details.

“Several glamour photographers who we work with, came to us and asked for a product that would allow them to expand their creativity and increase the efficiency of their shoots.  We designed the PL5R-FRES Fresnel Modifier to work for the modern Hollywood-style photographer, allowing their concept to be created or enhanced on set” said Bob Higgins, Sales and Marketing Manager of PromarkBRANDS.  “The Fresnel Modifier is compatible with the Photogenic Quick Change and Norman Monolight systems, making these lights ideal for photographers who concentrate in glamour, portrait and product photography.”

The PL5R-FRES can be used with a variety of Photogenic’s lighting solutions, adding accents, highlights or drama, for increased versatility on the shoot. When the two-blade Barn Door mount is attached, the PL5R-FRES has increased light control to focus on a particular subject or block light from an area of the shoot, highlighting the subject as desired. The Fresnel Modifier can also be moved into the background of any photo shoot to add a dramatic feel to the set.

Features include:
· Vented, Deep Conical Reflector
· Satin-anodized Reflective Surface
· 20° Coverage (without the Fresnel Glass inserted)
· 2-blade Barn Door mounting attachment for increased light control.
· Versatility!  The Fresnel Glass is removable to increase your creativeness.
· High Quality, Made in the USA