Photogenic Extends Rebates

Photogenic Professional Lighting has extended its popular rebates until May 15, 2012 on their popular models and kits from the Solair™, PowerLight®, and StudioMax® III series. With the rebates, consumers can save up to $250 on lighting and accessories.

The Photogenic Solair™ monolights employ “constant color” technology that prevents the flash color temperature from visibly shifting no matter what power setting is used. The PowerLight® monolights are built to meet the demanding everyday needs of the professional photographer. They are perfect for providing exact and repeatable results. StudioMax® III lights also employ constant color technology which prevents the color temperature from visibly shifting, regardless of flash power level.

Only new products purchased from an authorized Photogenic dealer between January 15 and May 15, 2012 will qualify for the rebate. For more information on the rebates and to download the form, visit

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Really? It is good to know that there is a rebate. I spread this good news to my friends. - YOR Health