Photoflex TritonFlash Power Cable

The TritonFlash Power Cable enables users to leverage the power, immediate recycling time, and long life of the TritonFlash Lithium Ion battery pack for current model Nikon or Canon speedlights.

The TritonFlash battery pack has two output sockets and will simultaneously power any combination of TritonFlash, Nikon or Canon heads at full power. Between 2000-2500 full power flashes are possible using the TritonFlash Power Cable and one speedlight. Additional heads do not slow recycle time, but will deplete the battery charge proportionally. Full battery recharge takes four hours, but Lithium Ion batteries benefit from partial charging with no ill effects. Canon and Nikon compatible cables are available at this time.

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It's a nice design. Many will gonna love this! - Larry Starr Sarasota