Photo Basics: Understanding Flash Modes for Better Photos with DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras (VIDEO)

We all love working with available light, but sometimes a bit of illumination from a simple flash can make a world of difference in an image, even when shooting outdoors. If you’re relatively new to flash photography, this tutorial is for you.

As you’ll see in this easy-to-follow video from the RealWorld YouTube channel, there’s a lot more to flash photography than simply turning on the flash. That’s because most DSLR and mirrorless cameras offer a variety of flash modes, and some are more effective than others depending upon the subject.

The idea here is to encourage you to explore flash options other than the standard Auto default mode on your camera. This detailed video walks you through a number of other settings that can deliver superior results, whether you’re shooting action, outdoor street scenes at night, portraits, or even a landscape scene with an interesting foreground subject.

You’ll learn all about fill-flash, slow-sync, rear curtain flash, and options for dealing with red-eye in people pictures. And best yet, the tips in this tutorial will work with just about any camera/flash combination you own.

After watching this video, you’ll feel a whole lot more confident the next time you mount a flash atop your camera. There are more interesting videos on the RealWorld YouTube channel, and be sure to watch another tutorial we posted, explaining a simple bounce flash technique for better indoor portraits.