5 Ways to Use a Softbox to Shoot Gorgeous Portraits (VIDEO)

What's a softbox and how do you use it in photography? What are the best ways to use a softbox to light your subject for portraits?

These are questions that photographer Miguel Quiles answers in the below tutorial where he demonstrates five ways he uses a softbox in his photography while sharing some of his pro lighting techniques so beginners can understand them.

"In the world of off-camera flash modifiers, softboxes are the ones you have to master if you want to take and make great portraits. Softboxes are typically square or rectangular in shape and provide two layers of diffusion material to help soften the light coming from your flash," Quiles says.

"It's important to note that the larger these softboxes are in relation to your subject or the thing that your'e photographing, the softer transition from highlight to shadow. While there are many sizes of softboxes out there for portraiture, I generally recommend medium to larger sizes to give you the most flexibility to flatter your subjects with gorgeous light."

Here are the five softbox set-ups that Quiles demonstrates in the below video:

Setup #1: 40-45 Degree Horizontal

Setup #2: Big, Flat Light

Setup #3: Front Fill from Below

Setup #4: Hair/Separation Light

Setup #5: Dual Front Facing

Check out the tutorial and then go visit his YouTube channel to see more beginner photography tips from a pro.