How to Use Colored Gels to Capture Gorgeous Portraits at Home (VIDEO)

There’s an easy way to make your beauty shots even more stunning: just add some colored gels to your lighting. Editorial fashion photographer Jake Hicks shows how in the below video where he shoots a portrait session at home and gets a variety of attractive looks.

In the video, Hicks works with a model to demonstrate a variety of creative lighting effects that you can do just about anywhere, including in your living room as he shows in the video. In the clip, he starts with a key light, then he adds a fill light followed by two hair lights.

Hicks then introduces LEE colored gels and finally achieves some gel flare with a LEE Soft Focus camera filter. We think you’ll agree that the final shots he creates with his model are quite striking and cinematic.

Watch more lighting tips videos on the LEE Filters YouTube channel. Here’s another great how to video with five quick tips for shooting swimsuit photos at the beach, and another one with three pro posing tips for boudoir photography.

Via ISO 1200