Phase One Releases Media Pro 1.2

Phase One has released Media Pro 1.2. Media Pro, a powerful photography assistant for finding, organizing, and sharing digital images and videos no matter where the files are stored. Media Pro supports very large photo libraries, with support for photo and video files from more than 100 different cameras.

New in this release you’ll find:
* Better support for exporting annotations/metadata to XMP sidecars;
* Now, catalog sets, custom fields and hierarchical keywords may be exported to XMP sidecars so they will always be included when extracting metadata;
* Two new general preferences increase the flexibility of importing annotations/metadata;
* Now people and event annotations/metadata also map according to the IPTC-Extended definition.

* More camera support: supports images from additional cameras when using the Phase One renderer.
* Bugfixes on Mac: fixed an issue with Import Items > From Camera for German language.
* Bugfixes on Windows: Fixed an issue with the crash reporter not always appearing correctly.

Availability and Pricing
Media Pro is available via download for $199 through Phase One’s Online Store and from top pro photography dealers worldwide. You can learn more about the new release at:

Media Pro 1.2 is available as a free upgrade to existing Media Pro customers.

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This is so great! We can now enjoy editing our photos because of this easy media. - YOR Health