Phase One 645 Camera System Now Shipping

Phase One has confirmed that the Phase One 645 Camera system -- providing professional photographers freedom of choice -- is now in volume production and shipping to customers world-wide. The Phase One 645 Camera body is lightweight, with a user-friendly ergonomic design. It is an open platform, designed to support pro photographers' choice of lenses and digital backs or film operation to achieve superior image quality. The camera system comes with a warranty covering 3 years or 300,000 shutter actuations, and is backed by full support and service of a global team of Phase One dealers.

The Phase One 645 camera system is available today in a choice of five different configurations, based on selected digital camera back: P 45+ (maximum resolution, fine details at 39 mega pixels), P 30+ (up to ISO 1600 sensitivity, fast capture, 31 mega pixels); P 25+ (near full-frame at affordable price, noise-free exposures up to 1 hour, 22 mega pixels), P 21+ (fast, unlimited burst capacity, small RAW file size, 18 mega pixels ), P 20+ (1:1 aspect ratio, cost effective, entry-level solution, 16 mega pixels).

Each camera system comprises the camera body, one 80mm F2.8 lens, P+ digital camera back, and Capture One 4.1 software.

The Phase One 645 Camera System is available through Phase One dealers who can provide a demo of the system and full pricing details. For a list of Phase One partners, please see: