Pelican Cases

You take your digital camera with you to document special occasions, but it’s not always built to last when it’s thrown in luggage, bags and pockets. Introducing virtually indestrucible cases from Pelican ( to help protect your camera and media gear in any situation. New products include the 1015 Micro Case which protects a digital camera or cell phone from the elements: it is crush proof, dust proof, and water resistant. Built with stainless steel hardware and lined in rubber to add extra protection and provide a tight o-ring seal. This case is made to last. The active sport strap secures the 1015 tightly to a backpack or belt loop. Available in multiple colors.

The 1200 Case is for larger cameras and lenses, this watertight, dust proof, and crush proof case an automatic pressure equalization valve, a watertight o-ring seal, stainless steel hardware. Lightweight, portable and durable, the interior and lid are lined with foam to add extra protection to your camera and gear. Available in a variety of colors. The 0910 Memory Card Case can store up to 8 SD cards or 16 Mini-SD cards and is made of tough polycarbonate resin. The water resistant 0910 case features a removable case liner to absorb shock and further protect the storage media from damage.