Pelican Adds 24 Rotationally Molded Case Models

Following the acquisition of Hardigg Industries (December 23, 2008), Pelican Products announced today that they now offer both injection and rotationally molded cases. Rotationally molded cases are created by loading structural grade plastic resin into a series of molds which are heated and slowly rotated on both a vertical and horizontal axis. The result is a seamless base and lid (with more material in the corners and edges) that offers superior impact protection.

New product offerings include: 
Black Box Rack Mount Cases (7 models) are lightweight, compact, and double ended cases that offer light to medium duty protection (for communication and recording systems, etc.). The case shells feature recycled materials on the outside and a sturdy pre-threaded steel frame system that secures rack style electronics on the inside.

Specialty Products (7 Models) are well engineered portable workspace and equipment protection solutions. They include portable desks that set up in minutes and storage chests with metal drawers and dividers that keep supplies safe and organized. For protecting personal gear, lightweight and lockable foot and trunk lockers are also available.

Extra Large Shipping Cases (10 models) offer dependable large equipment transport and protection and are available in Large, X-Large, or XX-Large sizes. Like all Hardigg cases they are lightweight, shockproof, watertight, dustproof, heat, and chemical-resistant.

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