Peleman Launches wwaow; The First Low-Cost Instant Self-Publishing Service

Peleman Industries, Inc., manufacturer of the Unibind binding, lamination and presentation product line, announced today the launch of (pronounced "WOW!"), the first low-cost self-publishing service for creating high-quality hard or soft cover books, documents, and manuals online at

Short for "Worldwide Association of Writers," WWAOW is a revolutionary online service that opens the market to everyone to publish their own high-quality books "on demand" for only $79 for 5 books -- no long-term commitments, sign-up fees, or service contracts are required. Authors simply agree to purchase the first five copies of their books for $79.

Created by Peleman Industries, the award-winning company with a 69-year history of binding high-quality books, WWAOW gives everyone, including fiction and non-fiction writers, speakers, schools, corporations, and government groups, etc., the opportunity to instantly print editions of their own books, manuals or catalogs on an "as needed" basis.

Instant Publishing -- No Shipping or Invoices
Within minutes of uploading a book to WWAOW, the order is placed in the system for printing and the book is instantly posted for sale online at Authors earn royalties with every sale. They can choose their royalty percentage of up to a 20 percent royalty of the book's retail value, calculated based upon the book's number of pages and cover type. There is no need for authors to pay for storing, shipping, or invoicing books.

Key Features of

· Priced starting at $79 vs. competitors at $499. Competitors also often require the purchase of marketing, graphics, and editing services.
· The price of a hard cover book is about the same as a soft cover (only about $1 more).
· Peleman has been in the business 69 years -- superior quality of printing and binding.
· Books, catalogues, and manuals can be updated online and newer versions are available within minutes.

"As a business owner or author, WWAOW means you never have to pay for storage, packing, shipping, or invoicing another book or document, ever. That's the power and the beauty of on-demand printing," said Kimberly Boim, Vice President,

Go to to upload your book.